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Clark Branson is a contemporary, abstract painter. 


He is a native of Southern California, having grown up in the beautiful rose city of Pasadena.

While he is basically self-taught, he has attended UCLA, UC Berkeley, Pasadena Art Center/College of Design and Brentwood Art Center.


Artist Statement:  I returned in earnest to my art in 2006. Since 2008, my medium has been “acrylic and mixed media with attachments”. Namely; texture jells, varnish and attached

chards of painted pieces of canvas. I also use chunks of poster board, plain wood and sometimes photo-pictorial art.


Altogether, I’ll do a coloristic collage. I should say my titles tend to lead, or guide the viewer in ways of imagination and humor.

My main inspirations have been Marc Chagall, aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand “Earth from Above”, and what I call the Jasper Johns/Robert Rauschenberg conjunction of inter-influence, evident in certain of their works.


A favorite contemporary painting of mine is Johns’ HARLEM LIGHT. Also, I admire radical individualism in artists of any medium, e.g. Marc Chagall.

I’ve never been a teacher, but am an educator at heart and value art’s edification for all, young and old.


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